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Anyone else have a surplus of zucchini this summer? Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables to grow because I reap the benefits from the vegetable and the flowers (oh yes, stuff them with cheese, batter & fry them–don’t doubt me!) We share this recipe in our book, Born To Eat, but we promise it’s much easier than you may think. They do take time–creating a prep station on a table or large counter really helps you spread out and get the task done. Leslie makes a cameo in the video below, and check out her kitchen towel hanging on her oven–don’t you love it?


Zucchini Fries Video:

The key components to making breaded vegetables (in general) are having the right breading stations: Flour + Egg + Bread Crumbs.  Season all 3 stations with herbs, salt, & pepper. For a really crunchy texture we prefer Panko for the bread crumbs. Now, some may say serve “as is” for all ages, but we feel the textures can be made safer for little ones by blanching them before baking. Check out our baby bites suggestions:

Baby Bites:

Beginner:     Blanch for 2 minutes prior to breading sticks, serve 1 at a time. Serve with just plain, whole fat Greek yogurt

Novice:         Blanch for 2 minutes prior to breading, serve 1 – 2 sticks with dip.

Advanced:   No need to blanch! Serve 1 – 3 with dip.

Dip:                 Greek yogurt + lime juice + cumin & maybe a dash of Sriracha when you’re ready

How we served it up for our advanced toddler

Stay tuned for more zucchini recipes. Zucchini is great grated and made into quick breads, fritters, or sliced & sauteed! What’s your favorite way to serve up zucchini?