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Just because you’re dishing up a big tossed salad or a plate of raw veggies doesn’t mean your baby can’t enjoy them, too. In fact, we really encourage the introduction of raw fruit & vegetables due to the differences amongst raw and cooked flavors of foods. Once common food we get asked about are carrots. Here is a simple way to safely serve raw carrots to a beginner eater.

Do you have a microplane or a fine grater? You are all set!

We often serve raw carrots with a tasty dose of extra virgin olive oil, because that’s how we make our salads.

Simple right? Cooked carrots do taste differently, and we know that cooked carrots are common. Just a reminder, keep the texture safe for both raw and cooked carrots.

Have another vegetable you’d like us to chat about? Let us know!

Here’s our grain bowl and how we’d serve up our Baby Bites:


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