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Sometimes cooking can be overwhelming, even to us adults. When kids grow up in the kitchen, they can become more comfortable around a variety of foods and preparation methods, and this leads to more confidence in the kitchen for life. If you’re an adult beginner in the kitchen, remember this, your little one has NO idea. It’s a great time to jump in the kitchen and start with some basics for the whole family, and our cooking videos can help!

Cooking together fosters a healthy relationship with food and each other. It’s time well spent as a family! Did you know that getting your little one in the kitchen has many benefits and not just those related to food? Check it out…

  • Exploring new foods together builds food confidence.
  • Measuring ingredients helps build math skills.
  • Tasting and tasting foods challenge our senses.
  • Stirring and chopping improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Helping in the kitchen leads to creating daring cooks.
  • Making new dishes can promote adventurous eating.
  • Being included in the meal preparation process can create kids who love good food.

No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.

~Julia Child

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, there’s always a way to include a little one in the kitchen. Even if they’re just exploring the textures that you’re working with for the meal. From a mixing lasagna filling to overnight oats, seasoning potatoes, scrambling an egg, mixing a batter, loading appetizer skewers and or just digging in a chocolate torte, helping and tasting is learning.

So go ahead! Get your little ones in the kitchen. The time shared is so much more valuable than just the food.

How do you share kitchen time with your little one? We’d love to know – leave us a comment below!